Automated Instruments

NOVAPREP® Processor System NPS25 and NPS50 delivers a fully automated liquid based cytology solution for cervical cancer screening and non-gynecological cancer diagnostics support. Automated aliquoting from primary sealed vial supports sample preparation for molecular tests such as HPV testing.

The NOVAPREP® HQ+ Orange and Grey vials contain preservative media that enables the storage and transportation of the sample to the laboratory for testing. Both the NOVAPREP® HQ+ Orange and Grey vials with resalable caps can be place directly on the NPS25 and NPS50 for processing such as the production of unstained cytology slides and an aliquot for molecular testing.

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Key Benefits

  • Fully automated process from sample to cytology slide.
  • Barcode sample traceability.
  • One platform with a small footprint to produce cytology slides and aliquot samples for molecular testing.
  • Resealable cap design on the vial enhances sample integrity.
  • Resealable cap design on the vial enhancing operator safety.
  • NOVAPREP® unique vial with integrated cell extraction system for cell enrichment and selection.
  • Sampling brush head is maintained in the vial to maximize cellular extraction.
  • Preservative media maintains the cellular integrity of the sample by keeping the cellular suspension intact.
  • NOVAPREP® HQ+ Orange vials and Preservative media are suitable for routine laboratory use with molecular HPV tests as referenced in cervical samples for HPV testing section.

NOVAPREP® Processor System: NPS 25 and NPS 50

NOVAPREP® Processor System: NPS 25

NPS 25
1 deck tray | 16 slides | 45 minutes

NOVAPREP® Processor System: NPS 50

NPS 50
3 deck tray | 48 slides | 45 minutes

NOVAPREP® Processor System: NPS 25 and NPS 50

Loading capacity (vials)1648
Maximum number of slides per hour/day/year20/120/20,00060/420/85,000
Sample typesGyn and non-gynGyn and non-gyn
Dimensions57cm x 70cm x 60cm98cm x 93cm x 76cm
Operating temperature15ºC to 30ºC
Acceptable humidity10 - 85% humidity
Noise level<30 dB
Electrical characteristics110-240 VAC 50 Hz automatic adaptation, power 500W
InterfaceConnection series CAN BUS, software NPS, protected by external key
Barcode readerYes, all 1D and 2D formats
DecontaminationAutomatic, double internal and external needle wash with diluted bleach solution and NOVAPREP® Decontamination Solution (Decon®)